Equipment & Props

A variety of equipment and props are included with your booking. This includes:

  • 4 x C-Stands

  • 220cm white parabolic umbrella with diffusion

  • 120cm octagonal soft box, double diffused and with grids

  • 90cm octagonal soft box, double diffused and with grids

  • 30x90cm Rectangular soft box, double diffused and with grids

  • 40cm Beauty Dish wish honeycomb grid and diffuser

  • 2.72m paper backdrops (White, Black, Grey, Green)

  • 1.35m paper backdrops (yellow, Red, Chestnut)

  • Gels

  • 2 x Reflector panels (Gold, Silver, White, Black)

  • 3 x Strobe lights

  • Tether cable & table

  • Several light stands

  • Stool

  • Step Ladder

Please note that any damage that occurs to paper rolls will incur a penalty of £10 per metre, so we ask that shoes are removed when walking over it unless it is imperative to the shoot.


Organisation & Pack-up


A car park is located just behind the studio across Burley Road. Street parking is restricted 6 days a week, with the exception being Sunday.

Setting up and breaking down what is required for your shoot must occur within your reservation time. Everything must be placed back where it was found ready for the next booking.

We have two security cameras within the studio to ensure safety and accountability. Please let us know if you have any concerns.